#WhatCivilDefense in Taiwan? A Chat with Human Security Perspective

  • 2022/03/26(Sat) 18:00(+0800) ~ 20:00(+0800) ( iCal/Outlook, Google Calendar )
  • The Lightened Coffee 點亮咖啡 / No. 332, Section 2, Fuxing S Rd, Da’an District Taipei City, Taiwan 106
  • 12 / 20
  • Open Knowledge Taiwan 開放知識基金會台灣社群 Contact Organizer

*The event is generously supported Open Knowledge Taiwan and the Lightened (Cafe).

What Civil Defense in Taiwan? An Human Security Perspective Conversation

Keywords: readiness cutlure, civil defense, taiwan, human security

We are approaching the civil defense issue from the perspective of human security, meaning that safety and security of citizens and residents are something that we care the most. 

The event will be an intitial engagement on the past and current state of cilvil defense in Taiwan for anyone who's interested, but find it hard to navigate these complex issue in Chinese. We will be sharing literatures, records, cases and a "knowledge map" that you can further explore on your own.

If you have following unanswered questions regarding protecting your own safety in a major conflict involving kinetic attack, you are recommend to attend.

  • I heard there was a rich but traumatic history of civil defense in the martial law period, what was it like?
  • What government agencies are responsible for what?
  • Can I trust evacuation maps and sheltering facilities provided by National Police Agency (NPA) or National Fire Agency (NFA) on the web/app?
  • Are there any first aid training courses available to foreigner who can’t master Mandarin or Taiwanese?
  • Why do I need to have practical expectation of the ROC military, and what would they do in a major crisis (i.e. taking natural disaster for example)?
  • What can I contribute to be better prepared? How? Where can I volunteer if I care so much about Taiwan?

Entry fee: NT$200 (this would cover one drink you order)

Registration: https://okfntw.kktix.cc/events/what-civil-defense-101

Please be noted this is a non-media and non-attribution event.

Contact: ths (at) duck dot com



本次座談由開放知識基金會台灣社群、點亮咖啡所支持。聯絡 ths (at) duck.com


The Lightened Coffee 點亮咖啡 / No. 332, Section 2, Fuxing S Rd, Da’an District Taipei City, Taiwan 106

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