Taipei.IO 台北顧問團11月聚

Inspired by the former Code for Tomorrow, Taipei.IO is the next phase of community for like-minded talents, enthusiasts, doers and people who care about the city of Taipei. Our network is reaching out to US, UK, France, Japan, China, HK, Thailand and beyond.

Things we feel like to share and care:

Meanwhile you can browse some initiatives we've been lightly working on:

Image (c) We at Mairie du 4ème Arrondissement (City Hall), Paris this October. The event is supported by OK Taiwan. Got questions? Send your inquiry to or call us +886-970-690294.

Barista Coffee 西雅圖極品咖啡(世貿旗艦店) / 台北市信義區信義路五段6號


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Normal Ticket ~ 2015/11/15 14:00(+0800) 販売終了
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